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Government shutdown or home for the holidays?

Personal reflections on President 41: are the days of bipartisanship really behind us?

Washington Update, Dec. 7, 2018


Dear Colleagues:

Because of the death of President George H.W. Bush and subsequent memorials, Washington was on hold this week.

1. Possible Government Shutdown Postponed

The original deadline for passage of the reaming 7 funding bills for FY 2019 was today, December 7. With President Trump's declaration of Weds. Dec. 5 as a national day of mourning for President H.W. Bush and the events in the Capitol and the National Cathedral, Congress all but recessed from its scheduled work for the week. With the agreement of President Trump, Congress extended the deadline for final funding decisions for two weeks, until Dec. 21. There is increasing talk of simply extending last year's funding levels through September 30, 2019 - a continuing resolution - at least for a portion of the 7 remaining funding bills. The big hold up remains funding for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico - President Trump's top priority.

The closer it gets to the holidays, the less likely a shutdown becomes. Members of Congress, like everyone else, are eager to get on with the festivities. Another short term extension is possible - say through March - but unlikely since the Democrats will have more leverage next year as they take control of the House. So either they come to agreement about new bills or they simply extend the old ones with the same level of funds as last year and no funds for the wall or other priorities. They very well may develop new bills for a portion of the 7 and extend existing bills for another portion.

Education advocates continue to count their blessings, as the education funding bill was passed in September and holds through September 30, 2019. That is beginning to feel like an early Christmas present!

2. New Resources for Educators

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